Flesh and Blood Welcome to Rathe Katsu the Wanderer Deck

Flesh and Blood Welcome to Rathe Katsu the Wanderer Deck

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Each Hero Deck contains a cohesive 60 card deck + hero card, weapon, equipment set, and rule book. Hero Decks are designed for high replayability as a standalone product, perfect for kitchen table gaming, or as a foundation to build upon with booster pack content to craft a tournament winning deck.

The pendulum swings. A return to ye olde times past approaches. In a time of conflict, people will come together once more, united by fables and ancient legends.

A never before seen game system that:

Reduces variance, rewarding good decisions, not good luck. Is highly interactive, EVERY game (no mulligans required). Has a 100% fresh resource system underpinning an innovative combat dynamic which has been rigorously tested by competitive TCG fanatics. Will challenge the fundamental laws of TCG card evaluation and deck building philosophies. A new level of TCG craftsmanship, with no detail overlooked. Flesh and Blood is for collectors and connoisseurs of fine things, created by people who value collectability and support the existence of a thriving secondary card market.

A global organised play program that returns to the fundamentals of tournament play. Cash prize tournaments will run throughout the year, leading to the pinnacle of tournament play at the National and World Championships. Formats spanning sealed deck, booster draft, and constructed will challenge the most hardened of TCG veterans.
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