Flash of Ferocity Challenger Deck

Flash of Ferocity Challenger Deck

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*PRE-ORDER* This item is a pre-order - The 2020 Challenger Decks will be released and dispatched on 03/04/2020.

ANY order that includes a pre-order item will be held until all items can be dispatched together. Please bear this in mind when placing orders containing both in-stock and pre-order items.

These battle-ready 60-card decks with 15-card sideboards are perfect for play at your local game store!

Deck List:

Creature (22)

1 Brazen Borrower

4 Nightpack Ambusher

1 Wavebreak Hippocamp

4 Wildborn Preserver

4 Brineborn Cutthroat

4 Frilled Mystic

4 Spectral Sailor

Instant (14)

2 Thassa's Intervention

4 Opt

4 Quench

2 Sinister Sabotage

2 Unsummon

Land (24)

2 Castle Vantress

1 Fabled Passage

2 Temple of Mystery

3 Thornwood Falls

8 Forest

8 Island

Sideboard (15)

3 Shifting Ceratops

3 Aether Gust

2 Disdainful Stroke

2 Mystical Dispute

2 Negate

3 Threnody Singer
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