This event is capped at 20 people. (5 pods of 4)

Everybody receives 1 Prerelease kit which contains 6 draft boosters and a promo to build a 40 card deck. You will also receive 2 prize draft boosters at the end of the event.

As this will be our first big event since Covid restirctions are lifted we will still be playing it safe and placing you in pods of 4 where you will build a deck and play the people in your pod ONLY as a 3 round swiss robin.

Due to this, the event will not be timed. Each pod will be responsible for making sure they build their decks and complete their matches before the event finishes (9.45pm).

You can choose who you sit with on the day. If you do not have enough people to make a complete pod then we will match you will other people. A land station will be provided but we still recommend bringing your own if possible. .

Please Note: Refunds can only be issued on tickets up to 14 days before the event.